Our Church Family

First and foremost, GSCC is a church that obeys God's Will, and will go in whatever direction the Holy Spirit leads. Our Senior Pastor, Roger Hamilton, pursues to seek God's direction, trust God's provision and then be obedient to that calling. God has challenged us to be bold for His Kingdom, to be bold in our faith, bold in our prayers, bold in our lifestyle and bold in our witness. We want our ministries to be bold and inspiring, and the only way to do that is to have bold leaders.

We consist of many different people, from different backgrounds and various walks of life. That is what makes us "GSCC." We delight in the idea that God can not only lead many different people to the same place, but let them build each other. We are constantly seeing God place more people in the church, and with this, we are constantly trying to provide every part of this church body a place where they can use the skills and talents that God has anointed them with so that we will grow together, and in God.